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This ebook includes lectures - given in 1988 and 1989 respectively - which belong to Karl Popper's past due paintings, so much of that is nonetheless unpublished. the 1st introduces a brand new view of causality, in response to Popper's interpretation of quantum concept, but freed of hassle. it's a new view of the universe - a view that simply merges with the common-sense view that our will is loose. the second one lecture offers a glimpse of human wisdom because it evolves from animal wisdom. either lectures were accelerated via Popper for e-book.

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Can one grasp degree and quantity simultaneously? Virtuality invents and decides on a mode of elasticity; it prepares, cuts out and prope1s new plastic units. Virtuality awakens gestures: it solicits determination, it does not snatch it. It is not the same as the range of the possibles, but allows for its decision and unfolding. Leibniz knew that there is an invitation in the virtual that escapes the philosopher who is in a hurry; to the latter, a block of unrefined marble and the statue that 'comes out' of it will seem strangers to one another, if he does not know the meditations of the Theophilus of the New Essays: it is hard to imagine that there are veins in the marble until one discovers them.

He is a connoisseur of these metaphysical 'fogs' whose dissipation at one point heraids their reforming at another. It would be better to talk here of a horizon that tilts thereby revealing a new space of gestures which has not as yet been elucidated and cut out as structure. A mathematician of this calibre is aware that science supports itself on two crutches: - the official crutch of the literal text, which accounts for the carrying out of the operations and which guarantees the transmission of knowledge; - a more subtle crutch, reserved for initiates, who are able to sense a whole network of allusions interlaced with the literal text and continually overflowing it.

P. 156). -c. Schmitt, La Raison des gestes, Paris, Gallimard, 1990, p. 177. 8 G. Simondon, Du mode d'existence des objects techniques, Paris, Aubier, 1969. See particularly pp. 19~49 on processes of concretization, and pp. 158~ 77 on the genesis of technicity. 9 See Galileo, The New Seienees (1638). 10 See Galileo, Dialogues Coneerning the Two Chief World Systems (1632). 11 Parameter refers to a quantity that is maintained unchanging and on which depends a function of independent variables. In physics or in any applied mathematics, the question of parameters is crucial.

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